Kitty String shipment arrived - We now have Fat Kitty and Nylon Kitty too!

Great Kitty String colors - Mix (twisted 2 different colors) and Normal Kitty. Plus we have added Fat Kitty and Nylon Kitty. YoYoLoco sells Kitty String in bundles of 100 as well as Packs of 20 strings.

Kitty "Fat" is single color string, soft, and the thickest (12 strands of thread) heaviest Kitty String - made from 100% polyester fiber. This is a specialized "Thick" string, good for whip and slack tricks. Many players use this also for a wide gap non-responsive yoyo to give it a more responsive feel and a tighter bind.

Kitty Nylon string is slicker than polyester and even smoother for tough tricks that utilize layered mounts, causing less spin loss. This string opens nicely for suicide catches and other slack-type tricks. Kitty Nylon is softer than most nylon string, but nylon yoyo string will likely be rougher on your hands and skin than polyester.


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