A really bad week here at YoYoLoco

On August 9, 2013 our little town of Manitou Springs, Colorado was hit with a devastating flash flood. The YoYoLoco store, our shop dog Nick and I were extremely lucky and unscathed - so many others suffered huge financial loses, injury and threat to their safety.

This video was shot directly in back of the YoYoLoco store. The back of the store is not visible, tucked around the corner from where Nickdog and I park, which is right next to the Land Rover in front of that white square painted on the building. When we left the creek was raging, someone told us we got out just in time, one to 2 minutes before the mud started to flow down the street.

Thankfully we have never stored merchandise downstairs because the back of the building and basement were hit hard. The basement took floodwater over six feet high, leaving a 6-12" of thick black sludge remaining after the water receded.

Facebook video link to the flash flood as it entered near the top of Cañon Avenue from Narrows Road at the mouth of Williams Canyon. Nickdog and I live on the hillside a couple streets in back of where this video is looking. Fortunately, we diverted uphill on a side street before getting to Cañon Avenue: ***caution, this is pretty scary***


The Aftermath: 

The YoYoLoco retail store took a tiny bit of water through the front door, basically the doormat got wet. The water level on the sidewalk got to as much as 4 inches, so the sandbags worked. All merchandise upstairs safe and untouched. It is hard to forecast how all this will change our town and the YoYoLoco retail store. Online our business is still fully operational, but having to close the store for a week or more during this busy time of year is a big loss. We hope to have the YoYoLoco storefront open soon.

The town of Manitou Springs is in disaster cleanup mode, crews are working everywhere and the volunteer workforce from the community/region is both amazing and heartwarming. Much of the work is by hand with shovels and buckets and hard, dirty work. Truly awesome!

Picture of the YoYoLoco storefront Saturday morning after the flood. Our feeble little sandbags did their job!

***Why did the flood happen? A thunderstorm dumped 1.5” of rain in 30 minutes on exactly the worst place.

Some history: The previous summer (June 2012) there was a massive and catastrophic wildfire (18,000 acres) to the north of the town of Manitou, we were evacuated but spared when the winds changed direction and the fire stopped moving southward. The flash flood on August 9th happened fast and fierce because the hillsides and canyons are covered with ash, rock fragments and debris, and the ground does not absorb water. The town of Manitou is directly downstream of much of the burn scar.

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