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The YoYoLoco online store lives on, but sadly, we are closing our retail location at 744 Manitou Avenue.

Beginning November 1, 2013: The YoYoLoco business will concentrate our energy and resources on enhancing our web store shopping experience at, support our online customers and help promote yoyo and skill toy play in our region and beyond. The YoYoLoco walk-in retail store in Manitou Springs, Colorado will soon close, with our last day being (appropriately) during the annual town celebration of the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Parade on Saturday, October 26th. We will be holding a informal wake for the store, black yoyos required.

Why are we closing a fun and successful retail location at this time?

This was an extremely difficult choice, the store has been at establiished for 6 years and we had no intention of moving. Even with all the extreme weather related adversity of the past 2 years, YoYoLoco was having it's busiest summer ever at the store. Additionally, speaking as a long time retail store operator, you never close a business just before the holiday shopping season. Never.

But this involves health and safety. Related to the devastating summer flooding in Colorado but mostly due to negligent and ineffective landlords who postponed proper repairs and mitigation of flood damage (despite repeated calls for attention) there is a high concentration of airborne mold spores emanating from the basement of the store. After the August 9th flash flood we were grateful for the massive group of community volunteers who preformed the messy cleanup and did a great job, and BluSky Restoration did a complimentary walk-thru evaluation and containment seal to keep the bad air from circulating freely at the stairway and furnace vent. Necessary followup maintenance has only recently just begun. Too little, too late for us. Since YoYoLoco does not serve or sell food, our county health department has no code or statute that would the force building owners to properly maintain the building in a timely fashion. Prolonged daily exposure to the air is not healthy, and breathing symptoms are often noticed by customers or those attending our yoyo club after about 30-60 minutes in the shop. The only choice was to close and vacate the premises.

Along with continuing to operate the YoYoLoco online store, our regularly scheduled local yoyo club meetings will continue, date/time/venue to be announced later.

We have amazing customers everywhere and believe with hard work, diligence, and a bit of luck YoYoLoco will survive and thrive as a business. While keeping our eyes open for a new and "just right" retail location, we are looking forward to making the web store even better.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mark and Nick


Note: The situation at the YoYoLoco retail store was not the standard. The city and the majority of the property owners seem to be addressing the reality of flooding in a pragmatic and responsible manner. If you live in the region or vacation in Colorado please do not hesitate to visit or be tempted to change your plans (yes, the paid parking installed this year stinks). Manitou Springs is still a wonderful, fun and safe place - you will be rewarded by your experience in this unique, friendly and "small town" community.

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