Citizen Titanium YoYo by OneDrop

Simply beautiful. The new titanium Citizen Yo-Yo by OneDrop is such a splendid and marvelous piece of work. 

This is the one you have been waiting for.

Price: $295 USD

First and only production run limited to 117 units.

Each yoyo serial numbered with matching numbered box.

Available for sale in person at the YoYoLoco retail shop in Breckenridge, Colorado on Friday, August 7, 2015 beginning at our 11:00 am store opening until 6pm. Telephone orders will not be accepted on this first day.

Available online at on Friday, August 7, 2015 starting at 7:00pm Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00) - We have reserved inventory so there WILL be Citizen yoyos available for sale online. Purchase is limited to one (1) Citizen Yoyo per customer.


Link to our Citizen YoYo webpage (page will post at 7pm MDT 7-Aug-2015):



  • Weight: 64.50 grams
  • Width: 43.6 mm
  • Diameter: 56.7 mm
  • Stock Response: 19 mm Slim Flow Groove
  • Gap Width: 4.32 mm
  • Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
  • Axle System: Tapped
  • Alloy: 6AI4V (Grade 5)

Description from the OneDrop website:

In 2010 we released our first titanium yo-yo, the Sovereign. Five years later we have tackled this amazing metal and produced a yo-yo that we feel is our best work to date: The Citizen.

A lot has changed in these 5 years. Yo-yos tend to be bigger than they used to be and high walls have gone by the wayside. As an industry and as a community we have all figured out what shapes, weights and weight distributions work better. As a yo-yo manufacturer we have improved our knowledge, skills and equipment an immense amount. All of these improvements played a role in the creation of the Citizen.

Titanium allowed us to take this shape and create a weight distribution simply not possible in aluminum; moving material to the rim while reducing overall weight. This gives it a light airy feel with incredibly long spin times.

Each Citizen was made with many hours of labor, love, and attention right here in-house in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Every single minute of machining was monitored, measured and scrutinized. Every half was hand polished. They have been checked, and re-checked. We could not have put more effort into assuring these were the most amazing yo-yos we could possibly make. There are one hundred and seventeen numbered Citizens in this run (there will not be another run).




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New Shipment of C3 YoYos just arrived at YoYoLoco

The plastic super-performer Speedaholic is back in a couple of great colors, and YoYoLoco has also added the budget-metal Level.6, Dávid Molnár signature series Dymension yoyo as well as the Electric Flash - Augie Fash signature yoyo. All Great - Enjoy!




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Catalyst Stacked yoyo is now at YoYoLoco!



Nice full sized hubstacked yoyo, this final run of the Catalyst by YoYoFactory are 100% made in the USA, and are sandblasted on the rim with the inner bowl remaining polished – just like the most popular original YYF throws. Quantities limited.

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YoYofficer @ YoYoLoco

A new line of yoyos we started carrying about a month ago at the YoYoLoco store - YoYofficer yoyos offer excellent fit, finish and quality, especially considering the price. A great value in mid-priced metal yoyos. Check out a demo next time you are at the store, or at our YoYo Night get togethers (there are a few floating around with our local players).


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Yo-2Go YoYo Holder

Manufactured in Colorado and available only at YoYoLoco, we have been selling these yoyo holders at our store for about a year prior to offering online - the design has evolved from long term use and input from players.

Snug fitting, stylish and sturdy, the Yo-2Go Yoyo Holder features a friction slide corded loop to cinch tight and hold your yoyo on most occasions, along with the option of added security by engaging the push button cord lock. Carabiner clip at the other end for attachment to belt loop or backpack - fits most yoyos sized from YoYoFactory PopStar to YoYoJam Go Big.


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Classic YoYo by YoYoJam - now at YoYoLoco!

The new Classic YoYo by YoYoJam is now available at YoYoLoco. Excellent "Beginner to Intermediate" yoyo and priced under $10



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Trifecta - High Performance YoYo Bearing

The new Trifecta bearing - concave, center radius grooved bearing, 10 ball ABEC 7 rated performance. Make your yoyos ZING!

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Twisted Stringz now at YoYoLoco

Premium yoyo strings by Twisted Stringz are now available at YoYoLoco.

They play great and the LuminousX are bright white glow supreme.


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New Inspire by YoYoJam is now at YoYoLoco

Inspire by YoYoJam. Nice yoyo. Elegant, solid and stable. Celcon body with metal rims.


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New Product - Toxic Strings

Now at YoYoLoco - 

Toxic YoYo Strings, quality handmade 100% polyester for the discriminating player.


Toxic YoYo Holders and Cinch Backpack too!


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Cool Blue Vexed YoYo

New Arrival - transparent blue version of the Vexed YoYo by YoYoJam is now at YoYoLoco.


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Next Level YoYo - New from YoYoJam

Recently arrived at YoYoLoco - exquisite diamond pattern etched, with heavy bronze rims. Top quality fit, finish and materials -similar shape to the popular Chaser yoyo.


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