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YoYoJam Equinox YoYo

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John Narum Signature Series, Offstring YoYo by YoYoJam

Offstring continues to gain popularity for its extreme tricks and difficulty. Team YoYoJam member and World Champion John Narum is known as one of the best offstring players in the world performing countless freestyles that always bring him to the top ranks. With a desire to bring offstring play to the next level, YoYoJam teamed up with John to create a completely unique signature series offstring yo-yo. The Equinox is here!

Aircraft aluminum rim weight on an offstring yo-yo? Some thought it wasn't possible while others were not sure how it would work. YoYoJam proudly presents quite possibly the most revolutionary design in offstring in a long time. The Equinox features more rim weight then any other offstring yo-yo with aluminum centered on the body just below the very rims edge. The body of the yo-yo is built from a tough polycarbonate ready to take everything you throw at it! Featuring the new YoYoJam Soid Spin Axle system the construction is as reliable and stable as they come.

John Narum's new signature yo-yo signifies a new era in offstring play. No longer are players stuck with an offstring yo-yo that has little to no rim weight. It is time to open the realm of tricks possible with the long spinning YoYoJam Equinox!

*** Please Note *** The Equinox yoyo ships with narrow YoYoJam responsive bearing installed. Pictures incorrectly show the yoyo with the wider YoYoJam Speed Bearing.
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