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YoYoJam Go Big YoYo

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The Go Big finally brings YoYoJam's signature rubber offstring rims back and it could not have been done better. The plastic core and rubber rims are perfectly balanced and weighted for smooth spin and durability, and releases off the string with ease and binds back to the hand just as easily.

Built with YoYoJam's Solid Spin Axle System Go Big takes hits to the ground with ease and the rubber rims enable it to bounce back and keep going. Whether you are getting ready to learn your first offstring throw or to perform a competitive 4A freestyle, Go Big will deliver everything you need from an offstring yo-yo.

Learn, practice, play and get ready to GO BIG!
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  • Weight:  80.2 grams
  • Diameter:  73 mm
  • Width: 46 mm
  • Gap: 4.5 mm
  • Response: YYJ Recessed Silicone O-ring
  • Bearing: .250 x .500 x .124" (YYJ Narrow Bearing)

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