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YoYoJam Inspire YoYo

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Celcon body with stunning diamond pattern and carefully machined to the level of perfection normally found in high-end metal yo-yos, the Inspire is a excellent new design from YoYoJam and World Champion John Narum. Precision metal weight ring for superior spin qualities, dead smooth throw after throw, the etched celcon not only looks brilliant but it provides a silky smooth grind finish. Brushed metal caps are engraved with a subtle and refined logo for a very finished, sleek look.
*** For intermediate to advanced players. This is a non-responsive yoyo, you must do a "bind return" in order to get this yoyo to return to your hand.
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    • Weight:  66.8 g
    • Diameter:  56.3 mm
    • Width: 40.6 mm
    • Gap: 5.0 mm
    • Response: Recessed, YoYoJam Silicone O-ring
    • Bearing: YYJ 10 Ball Speed Bearing, Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"

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