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YoYoJam Speeder 2 YoYo

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Signature series of multiple World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, this one is built to maximize speed, stability and spin. The Speeder is back and truly better than ever with a complete redesign!

Hiroyuki Suzuki won three world titles all on the original Speeder considered to be one of the best yo-yos ever made. To take things to the next level, YoYoJam reworked all aspects by focusing just a little more rim weight on the edge of the plastic body with two precision cut bronze weight rings! The result is jaw dropping. Using YoYoJam’s Solid Spin Axle System and a new more impact resistant type of polycarbonate called "Triton", Speeder2 provides enhanced durability and spin quality!
    •The installed bearing is thinner, giving a narrower yoyo gap, and plays great as a high performance, responsive play yoyo. 
    •Packaged separately with the yoyo is a standard size YoYoJam Speed bearing, making this a low-response, bind return yoyo.

Every player who throws the Speeder 2 is impressed. If speed and long spin times are what you desire look no further. In the right hands it is truly a blur and a marvel.
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  • Weight:  65.5 g
  • Diameter:  55 mm
  • Width:  38 mm
  • Response: Recessed, YoYoJam Silicone O-ring
  • Bearing: Narrow Bearing (Installed), .250 x .500 x .124"

YYJ Speed Bearing - Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187" (included in package).

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