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HSpin Icon YoYo

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Signature yoyo of Stefan Benjamin (UK HSpin Network member “Magl33to”), second release in the Core Series of yoyos by HSpin.

Capable, smooth and stable, the Icon possesses incredible balance and the exceptional performance you expect from HSpin. Featuring a soft to the touch, coated finish, the Icon is a wonderful playing yoyo at a bargain price.

*** Bonus - SOCKS! ***
Yes, you get new socks with your Icon yoyo. Gray in color, your new Icon is wrapped and packed inside a pair of rolled up socks, traveling in fuzzy warm comfort direct to you. Truly low environmental impact packaging, and always stylish.

*** This YoYo is for Intermediate to advanced players. This is a non-responsive yoyo. You must perform a bind return to get this yoyo to return to your hand.
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    • Weight: 65g
    • Diameter: 54 mm
    • Width: 40 mm
    • Gap: 4 mm
    • Response: Sticker - HSpin Thin Red Silicone Pads
    • Bearing: 5×11x5mm (D Size) Steel Bearing
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