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SPYY Spyder 2 YoYo

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The Spyder Returns! Spyder 2 - the Sequel.

This is a new and modernized update to the popular SPYY Spyder, which was originally released at the 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest. The new version maintains the classic and wide profile shape, but includes many improvements to suit today's style of play, plus one extra and unique feature... a dual thumb grind lip! Now players can hone their grinding skills with this yoyo's round profile and fun dual lip!

*** This YoYo is for Intermediate to advanced players. This is a non-responsive yoyo. You must perform a bind return to get this yoyo to return to your hand.

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  • Weight: 65 g
  • Diameter: 49.5 mm
  • Width: 42.4 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.25 mm
  • Response: CBC Pad Large, Slim Pad (Also accepts flowable silicone)
  • Bearing: Large (Size C) 250 x .500 x .187", dry

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