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SPYY Supra YoYo


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The Supra is SPYY’s answer to the player who’s looking for a wide, yet smaller competition throw. It features the same massive catch zone and ultra-low walled gap as the Pro, which has proven itself to be a top performer. The Supra has excellent rim weight for its size and is an uncompromising approach to all out play.

• Massive rim weight percentage
• No spike and an exposed axle to optimize rim weighting
• Super-super wide profile
• Ultra low-walled gap
• Bead blasted finish
*** For Intermediate/Advanced players, this an non-responsive yo-yo capable of extremely long spin times. You will need to perform a "bind return" in order to make this yoyo return to your hand.
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    • Weight: 67.5 g 
    • Diameter: 51 mm 
    • Width: 41 mm 
    • Gap width: 4.5 mm 
    • Response: CBC Size Large/slim pads – accepts flowable silicone 
    • Bearing: Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"

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