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YoYoFactory Genesis YoYo

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Featuring extreme weight distribution and clean design, the Genesis yoyo by YoYoFactory offers supreme performance, spin time and stability. Since its debut in 2009, the Genesis has been used by yo-yo players around the world to win numerous national yo-yo competitions. Signature yoyo of Miguel Correa. 

*** Standard Version - Original Genesis yoyo, Made in USA.

*** The 2012 Series Genesis has a slightly tweaked shape and weight and comes packaged with pair of replacement silicone pads, a replacement large SPEC bearing, and a YoYoFactory MultiTool for bearing removal. Made in China. 

*** For Advanced/Expert players, this an non-responsive yo-yo capable of extremely long spin times. You will need to perform a "bind return" in order to make this yoyo return to your hand.

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Specifications (2012 Series):
  • Weight: 68.8 g
  • Diameter: 56.5 mm
  • Width: 44 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.6 mm
  • Response: Kentaro Large size, Slim Pad
  • Bearing: YYF Spec, Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"
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