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YoYoJam Theory YoYo


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High performance and fast play at a value price, the YoYoJam Theory features a cutting edge shape, quality 6061 aluminum and a grooved record-like finish for a spiffy look and unique feel.

Integrated into the side of the Theory yoyo is a slick celcon plastic cap similar to YoYoJam’s innovative lateral caps, allowing advanced players to balance the yo-yo horizontally, spinning on a thumbnail for long periods of time. The caps also make it possible to perform new regens and hand starts as seen on the official Theory video, as seen on this page by clicking the “VIDEO” tab above.

***For Intermediate/Advanced players, this is a "non-responsive" yo-yo, you must be able to perform a "bind return" in order to make this yoyo return to your hand.

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  • Weight: 68.9 g
  • Diameter: 55.9 mm
  • Width: 40.4 mm
  • Gap width: 4.3 mm
  • Response: Recessed, YoYoJam Silicone O-ring
  • Bearing: YYJ Speed Bearing, Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"

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