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YoYoJam X-Con Pro YoYo


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In the tradition of the HitMan and X-Con comes The X-Con Professional -- the next level of yo-yo design created for the future of technical string trick play. The X-Con Professional is crafted in an undersized shape and features hefty precision-machined bronze weight rings precisely placed for maximum stability, spin, and control. Learning intricate strings tricks has never been better and the undersized smooth shape means it as comfortable as a yo-yo can be in the hand and on the string. Whether you are just starting out or getting ready to win your first world title, X-Con Pro will help you get there. 

The X-Con Pro is built with the Solid Spin Axle System and includes the YoYoJam responsive beginner's bearing as well as the SPEED bearing to allow players to easily move from beginner to advanced unresponsive play. Carbon fiber caps and the brilliantly designed body of the yo-yo give the X-Con Pro a finesse others have yet to achieve.
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  • Weight:  67.8 g
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Width: 40 mm (with Large Bearing installed)
  • Response: YYJ Recessed Silicone O-Ring
  • Bearing: YYJ Narrow Bearing (Installed) Size .250 x .500 x .124"
        YYJ Speed Bearing - Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187" (included in package).
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