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Speedaholic MAX YoYo - C3yoyodesign


Speedaholic MAX YoYo, by C3yoyodesign

The Speedaholic MAX is a  splendid high performance bimetal yoyo, the flagship model of the popular "Speedaholic" series of yoyos.


Description by C3yoyodesign: 

In early 2021, C3 released SPEEDAHOLIC MAX in lucky boxes on the market. After half a year to develop and redesign. We finally released the mass production edition of SPEEDAHOLIC MAX.

SPEEDAHOLIC MAX is based on the design of CNC plastic model - SPEEDAHOLIC XX and has been upgraded to a bimetal model. SPEEDAHOLIC MAX has the same size and profile as SPEEDAHOLIC XX, which has a rounded H-shape profile to provide a comfortable feeling on catching. The large broad stainless steel rings also ensures spin power enough for every combo of tricks.

We followed the player’s feedback and fine tuned the weight of SPEEDAHOLIC MAX. The weight of the lucky box edition is 66.4g and we reduce the weight to 65g on production edition. This allows for more control and better acceleration during play. You can experience powerful spins during play, without straining yourself.

SPEEDAHOLIC MAX is a flagship model in the SPEEDAHOLIC series. A familiar shaped yoyo in a high performance, bimetal design, suitable for players of all styles.



  • Weight: 65.2 grams
  • Diameter: 57.96 mm
  • Width: 45.85 mm
  • Body: 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel rims
  • Response: Large Slim 19mm pad
  • Bearing: Concave Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"

    ***For Intermediate/Advanced players, this is a "unresponsive" yo-yo, you must be able to perform a "bind return" in order to make this yoyo return to your hand. 

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