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Speedaholic MAX YoYo, Dark Gray with Matte Black Rims
C3yoyodesign Bastet 2 YoYo, Black w/ Yellow engraving (Special edition)
C3yoyodesign Laevateinn YoYo, Black w/ Light Blue/Pink fade rims
C3yoyodesign ROOC YoYo, Black Translucent with Purple Rims
C3yoyodesign KROWN.st YoYo, Red / Blue / Green Acid Wash
C3yoyodesign Vanitas YoYo, Gold / Black / Red Acid Wash
Berserker MAX YoYo by C3yoyodesign, Black with Gold rims
C3yoyodesign Pory Crash YoYo, Light Blue Translucent Body with Silver Ring
C3yoyodesign Speedaholic XX YoYo
Cyber Crash YoYo by C3yoyodesign, Blue, Green, Black Splash
C3yoyodesign Galaxy Diver YoYo, Black / Gray acid wash
C3yoyodesign Radius 7068 YoYo, Blue / Red acid wash
C3yoyodesign Krown YoYo, Black, Gold Splash (Rei Iwakura edition)
C3yoyodesign Speedaholic YoYo (Responsive Version)
C3 Silicone ( JP ) Response Pads
C3yoyodesign Radius Nexus YoYo, Lavender / Blue / Silver splash
C3yoyodesign Token v.2 YoYo, Black with Yellow Splash
C3 Hobbit Gungnir Yoyo, Silver, Green and Purple Splash
C3 Accelerator YoYo, Deep Purple with Pink Splash
C3yoyodesign Initiator YoYo, Baby Blue body / Clear cap
C3yoyodesign Electric Flash YoYo
C3 Capless yoyo, Navy Blue and Pink acid wash
C3yoyodesign Winning Bird YoYo
C3 Galaxy Diver 7075 v2 Bi-Metal YoYo, Black / Red Splash with matte finish Black Ring
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