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YoYoLoco is a yoyo and specialty toy store located in Breckenridge, Colorado. We offer a quality selection of yoyos and other engaging toys - most of which involve physics and may require skills or mastery of movement.

A playful spirit or whimsical attitude also helps.

Recently relocated to Breckenridge from our previous storefront home of over six years in Manitou Springs, our roots as a yoyo and toy store trace back to our first retail store called Hijinks (begun in 1988 and originally called The Air Apparent Kite Store) which operated for 16 years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We hope you enjoy the range of products you find here at YoYoLoco, drop us a note if you have any questions, and know we always strive to make your shopping experience with us smooth, easy and rewarding.



Mark Levey (owner/operator)


Nick - Our Founder

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