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C3 Pro YoYo Strings, Fat - Swirl Color


Pro YoYo Strings - Fat, Swirl Color by C3yoyodesign are the perfect choice for pros and beginners alike. Each individual string is pre-tied and knotted, so you only need to make a simple loop and adjust the length for finger attachment. Plus, they come in packs of 50 for great value and lasting performance.

Stretch the strings before playing for reduced elasticity and twist.

Pro YoYo Strings by C3 are the same yoyo strings that comes packaged with most C3 yoyos.

String Material: 100% Polyester

String Type: Fat

String Length: 130 – 135cm (51 - 53 inches)

String Count: 50 strings/bag

Play Better / Play Safe / Change Strings Often

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