Summit Classic YoYo Contest and National Yo-Yo Day Celebration

YoYoLoco is hosting a yoyo celebration and yoyo contest on National YoYo Day

Date: Saturday - June 6, 2015


Open House at the YoYoLoco Store

Time: 12:00 - 2:00pm

Location: 302 South Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado

Parking: Main Street parking is precious and time limited. Free Parking lots during the summer about a block west of the store on the other side of the Blue River.

Hang out at the YoYoLoco store, settle in if you have traveled from far away, maybe walkabout and have fun yoyoing on the streets of Breck. Free Play Zone - doggie Nick will have the day off (zzzz....).


Summit Classic YoYo Contest

Time: 3:00pm

This is more festival than competition. Free and Open to the public. All are welcome to attend, throw, play or just watch the show. Participation is encouraged, and don't be surprised if someone plops a yoyo or kendama in your hand and just says "Here. Play!" 

Location: Carter Park Pavilion, 300 S High St, Breckenridge, Colorado
The park is about 3 blocks off Main Street, a 10 minute walk from the YoYoLoco store. The pavilion is south of the tennis courts. Parking: Drop Off Only at the Pavilion. Please park at the nearby Breckenridge Elementary parking lot just west of the tennis courts.


Contest Divisions:

Trick Ladder (see trick list below)
Sport Division Freestyle (1 minute Freestyle)
Championship Freestyle (2 minute Freestyle)


Registration: On Site

MC/Judge: Jon Gates, YoYo Professional
Judge: Jonathan Best, OneDrop YoYos Team Member
Judge: Patrick Canny, YoYoFactory Team Member


Music: Your music, cued up and ready to go on your device/phone compatible with standard size music plug on our PA system. If you do not have music set for your routine there will be standard "house track" music during your performance.

This is a family event: Absolutely NO explicit or inappropriate music allowed for your submitted music for your freestyle, it will be shut off immediately with severe deductions to your performance score.


Trick Ladder

Player is allowed one attempt per trick.
One complete trick miss is allowed.
Second complete trick miss stops scoring.
Winner is player with highest number trick completed. TIEBREAKER: Highest trick missed.

1. Sleeper
2. Side Throw
3. Tower
4. Rock the Baby
5. Elevator
6. Brain Twister
7. Trapeze
8. Split the Atom
9. Double or Nothing
10. Mach 5
11. Cold Fusion
12. Pop ‘n’ Fresh
13. Gerbil
14. Plastic Whip
15. Eli Hops
16. Boingy Boingy
17. Gyroscopic Flop
18. Kwijibo
19. Hook
20. Suicide Catch
21. Iron Whip
22. Kamakaze
23. Spirit Bomb
24. Throwhand Grind
25. Black Hop

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