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11Y BDAY Kendama - KROM


11 Year Birthday Kendama, by KROM

Anniversary Kendama 


Product description by manufacturer:

"We at the KROM team are incredibly happy to present the KROM 11Y BDAY kendama. With the brand new LOL® cleared cup rims, the fresh oak laminations and the classic 2GOOD shape in maple wood, this kendama will look fresh and help you slay tricks hard." 


Product Features:

  • KROM 2GOOD shape ken
    • Maple wood
    • 5mm vertical oak wood lamination running through the ken and sarado
    • Sticky KROM LOL® clear applied to the cup rims of the big, small and base cups
    • "11Y B-DAY" deep wood burn at the base cup
    • Base Cup Warp Hole (Bevel)
  • 62mm LOL® clear coated tama
    • Maple wood tama
    • smileygang design graphics on tama
    • Centered 5mm horizontal oak lamination
    • Lower tracking from a single laser engraved line and silver sparkles towards the hole.
    • Red top scope with circular "KROM KENDAMA" logo
  • KROM Metal Bearing/Spinner Bead
  • Custom stickers, poster & extra string 
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