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Awika! Wind-Up Toy

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A certain wiggle in his walk, Awika seems to always be in a big hurry. Add the sparking flint/grindwheel tail - and what's not to like?

Awika was born when Bonga and Sparklz got together. It has the characteristics of both parents; the tenacious pace of Bonga, and it "does the Sparklz" as well. Awika also has glowing parts.

Design by Chico Bicalho

Stainless steel with PVC feet. Dimensions: L 3.5" x W 3.5" x H 1.9"

Awika is a very good climber; test it with different small objects on your desk to challenge it, up and down barriers. You can also let it climb over your hand, an open book, or whatever else is on your desk.

Colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability.
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