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Catchy LED Light-Up Kendama

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The new Catchy LED Light-Up Kendama features a nice playing plastic construction along with LED lights embedded in the ball, spike and each of the 3 cups. Quality structure with internal bracing and traditional size and weight, the lights are operated by a small switch. Batteries are replaceable.

This kendama looks snazzy marvelous at night, tons of fun. 
The play is slicker than a standard painted kendama, but awesome tricks are possible.

Great colors to choose from:

Clear plastic - LEDs: Blue tama (ball) / Red ken (stick/cups)
Clear plastic - LEDs: White tama (ball) / Blue ken (stick/cups)
Clear plastic - LEDs: White tama / White ken
Edge Glow Yellow Plastic, White LEDs tama and ken
Glow-in-the-Dark, Opaque Glow Plastic w/ LEDs tama & ken

Team YoYoLoco, First Place winning entry - Catchy Kendama STORE BATTLE Video Contest 10.30.13

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