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Catchy Mini Aluminum Kendama


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Super small sized, take it with you anywhere Mini Aluminum Kendama by Catchy. The small size is very challenging and you will need to adjust your technique but all the tricks are still possible.

Also included in the package:
    • Protective cloth pouch
    • Instruction sheet
    • Catchy sticker
*** Note: The color variety Black tama / Red w/ Black Splash ken is priced the same as the solid color versions because the "Splash" is very light on this shipment and we do not feel it justifies the higher price.

*** Our picture of Mini Kendama with earbuds is to show the relative size of the product. The earbuds are not included with purchase and the kendama does not play music (although you may be singing with delight while playing the Mini Catchy). 
Have Fun!

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• Weight: 67.5 g
• Tama Diameter: 1.18 inch
• Total height: 3.75 inches
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