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Freight Train Boxed Set 3-D Metal Earth Model


Small, highly detailed 3-Dimensional Gift Box Set metal model of a Freight Train.

This 5 piece model train consists of five 4" x 4" steel sheets from which individual parts can be removed to assemble a museum quality model using tabs and holes.
This Freight Train set includes 5 train cars including the Diesel Locomotive, Gondola Car, Box Car, Hopper Car and Off Center Caboose. The connected model length is 17 inches.

Pre-cut parts to be assembled are contained on sheets of laser cut metal, instructions included. No glue or solder is needed, the individual parts are held together by tabs inserted into slots and folded or twisted to secure in place. Tweezers or other tools for handling small parts can be helpful. Recommended for age 14+

Number of sheets: 5 Sheets
Difficulty: Moderate
Assembled Size: The connected model length is 17 inches.

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