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ILLUSION Kendama, Purple - Sweets

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ILLUSION Amped Kendama - Purple, by Sweets

Experience the ILLUSION Kendama and take your skill level to the next level. This 60% white upper dama with bright bevel and patterning is perfect for honing skills with its full beech construction while aiding new trick landing with its Sticky Clear tama finish. Get yours now and show off your skill.


Product Features:

  • Ken
    • Amped shape
    • Beech wood
    • Balance Bevel in Base Cup
    • Stitch grip on spike custom engraving


    •  Tama
      • 62mm diameter
      • Beech wood
      • Sticky Clear tama finish
      • Metal Spinner Bead, Replacement String and Stickers


      Sweets Amped Kendama design/specs:

      • Larger diameter tama - 62mm
      • Larger tama hole bevel - 23mm
      • Updated stall angles
      • Larger cups
      • Thicker stall points
      • More aggressive sarado shape
      • Sharper ring stall
      • Lower profile handle stall
      • Lower profile handle stall
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