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Ozora REShape3 Kendama, Akimoto model - Premium Red

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Ozora REShape3 Kendama, Akimoto model - Premium Red

The REShape3 is the latest edition in the evolution of the Ozora REShape kendama models, with larger cups and enhanced body balance, tama designed for easy identification of the ball rotation, along with an enlarged hole opening — all contributing to more successful tricks.

The Akimoto model of the Ozora ReShape3 is a collaboration of Yamagata Koubou and the Akimoto Kendama Research Institute. In order to improve visibility the paint on the tama of this kendama is based on blue and is color-coded in three stages, using premium paint with high grip.

An additional feature of this REShape3 model - the base cup balance hole is shaped like the hole in the Tama (ball). This design makes it possible for the spike of the ken to fit full depth inside the base cup hole of another REShape3 ken, allowing players to do tricks with two Kens!

Ozora kendamas are made by craftsmen in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

Japan Kendama Association recommended model
(Can be used for “Kyu” and “Jun-shodan” license exams.)


Product Features / Specs:

  • REShape3 Ken

    • Material: Maple

    • Ken shape: REShape3
    • Ken length: 165mm
    • Big Cup 47mm diameter
    • Small Cup 45mm diameter
    • Big/Small Cup Rims 11mm
    • Balance bevel/hole in Base Cup (full spike depth+)
  • REShape3 Tama
    • Brand New Tama Design
    • Material: Beech, premium paint with high grip
    • Color: Red fade
      • Hole diameter 22.5mm
    • Metal Spinner Bearing, Replacement String and instruction sheet

      Explanations of tricks, instruction videos and culture introduction videos are available both in Japanese and English in the “Yamagata Koubou Kendama App”.

      Made in Japan


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