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Samothrace YoYo - C3yoyodesign


Samothrace Bi-metal YoYo, by C3yoyodesign

2nd Signature model of Hobbit Xiao Wen Wang - 2X World YoYo Contest Women Division Champion.

The Samothrace YoYo by C3yoyodesign is an ideal choice for experienced yoyoers. Its lightweight design and easy-to-control handling make it great for complicated tricks. Made with 7075 high-grade alloy, it offers great stability and precise control.


Description from C3yoyodesign: 

"In recent years, Hobbit has released several special edition yoyos featuring her as the theme, but "Samothrace" with its 7075 aluminum alloy and stainless steel bimetal construction, compact size, and popular weight is the true second signature yo-yo after "Hobbit Gungnir".

After consulting with Hobbit, we decided to use three models as the basis for "Samothrace": "Hobbit Gungnir," "Hydrogen Crash," and "Speedaholic MAX."
- "Hobbit Gungnir" with its compact size and 7075 material
- "Hydrogen Crash" with its H-profile body shape
- "Speedaholic MAX" with its rounded rim design

In response to Hobbit's requirements, the weight distribution design greatly enhances the spin performance, bringing incredible playtime with a high proportion of 7075+SS weight distribution. Thanks to the characteristics of the materials, the high-strength torque in the lightweight body provides easy and surprisingly stable control during tricks. The yoyo is easy to position and has a heavy feel, but its actual weight is only around 64g, stable and effortless!

The logo is composed of a mechanical wing design, and three color options are available



  • Weight: 64.6 grams
  • Diameter: 54.7 mm
  • Width: 43.6 mm
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum + Stainless Steel rings
  • Bearing: Concave Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"
  • Response: C3 Sakura pads
  • Axle: 10mm M4 stainless steel
  • Return type: Unresponsive. Bind required
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