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Flea YoYo String, Pack of 5

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Flea String is polyester yo-yo replacement string specially designed for the smaller size and diameter of the YoYoFactory Mighty Flea and Big Deal yoyos. This is a pack of 5 pre-tied strings, each approximately 30 inches in length. 

*** These strings are short and much thinner than normal yoyo strings. We do NOT recommend using Flea Strings with regular yoyos *** 

Your individual preferences may vary, but as a general guideline polyester yoyo strings are excellent for high-performance ball-bearing yoyos. Soft to the touch, 100% Polyester strings gives smooth spinning performance for intermediate/advanced players when using non-responsive yoyos.

The string "Type" refers to the number of strands that compose the yoyo string: Flea Strings are all Type 4
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