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YoYoFactory G-Funk YoYo

Smaller/Lighter/Faster - Now revised and with a lower price!

With the HUGE success of Gentry Stein and his signature yo-yo the Super G, YoYoFactory decided to re-think what the Super G is capable of. Shrunken down to an undersized throw, the G-Funk is one of the best all around pocket yo-yos that they have ever made. Almost identical in shape and proportion to its bigger brother the Super G (and very similar to the hugely popular YYF Yuuksta yoyo), the smaller diameter and lighter weight G-Funk is an affordable performance yo-yo that can rival the best all around throws on the market. The smaller diameter changes the weight distribution so that the yo-yo is more nimble on the string and faster though the air. If you like what the Super G brings to the table, you will love the G-Funk!


"Revised" G-Funk has a slightly tweaked shape and weight compared to the original. Part of the YoYoFactory Champions Collection.



• Weight: 64.1 g (original 66 g)

• Diameter: 50 mm

• Width: 38.8 mm

• Gap Width: 4.8 mm 

• Response: CBC Pad Large, Slim Pad

• Bearing: YoYoFactory Spec, Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"

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