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Jody Barton ZOGGY N' MOGGY Kendama, MOG WOZ ERE - KROM


MOG WOZ ERE ZOGGY N' MOGGY Kendama, by KROM and Jody Barton


Product description by manufacturer:

"The collaboration saga between KROM Kendama and British graphic artist Jody Barton continues, introducing the ZOGGY & MOGGY collection. Fresh kendamas with amazing playability and unparalleled attention to detail in the design of both the kendama and the surrounding world." 


Product Features:

  • KROM 2GOOD shape ken
    • Maple wood
    • Base Cup Warp Hole (Bevel)
    • Adorned with unique laser engravings and front facing Z&M pad print
  • 62mm LOL clear coated tama
    • Maple / Hard Maple wood
    • Horizontally centered lamination with the top half consisting of hard maple, and the bottom of maple.
    • Hole scope and Top scope
  • KROM Metal Bearing/Spinner Bead
  • Custom stickers, poster & extra string


The designer Jody Barton on MOG WOZ ERE:
"Pop up over a wall and say ‘fool!’ to someone today - that's how surprised you look all the time."


* KROM WEIGHT MATCH GUARANTEE - this ensures that all setups come with a tama between 0 and 7 grams heavier than the ken 

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