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A combination of Price, Value, Performance, and sometimes just plain Fun - all from a wide range of tastes and styles, all are unique and a great choice if you share a similar attitude. This is a list of some of our hand-picked favorites at the YoYoLoco store.

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C3yoyodesign Speedaholic XX YoYo, Clear Green with Blue Hub
iYoYo Passion yoyo, German edition - at YoYoLoco
C3yoyodesign Laevateinn YoYo, Green / Red / Gray Splash with matte finish
Laevateinn YoYo - C3yoyodesign
From $24.99 $29.99
Speedaholic YoYo (Responsive Version) by C3yoyodesign - Blue
KROM POP LOL Kendama, Blue
Cyber Crash YoYo by C3yoyodesign, Blue, Green, Black Splash
KROM GAS Kendama, Charcoal
YoYofficer Effulgence YoYo, Black
General-Yo Majesty YoYo, Purple / Gray
Kitty YoYo String - Normal
Ozora REShape3 Kendama - Keyaki
YoYoFactory DV888 YoYo, Galaxy Acid Wash
YoYofficer Yacare yoyo - Purple Blue Splash
KROM POP LOL Kendama, Naked
YoYofficer Delusion YoYo, Red
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