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Berserker MAX YoYo - C3yoyodesign

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Presenting the splendid  Berserker MAX YoYo by C3.

Product description by manufacturer C3yoyodesign:

“I am Berserker MAX, and I was born from the flames!” The newest Berserker series “Berserker MAX” set the fifth blade in the series, with the soul of the “Berserker”, the Stainless steel metal ring blade outside the “Berserker SS”, transforming and being reborn as a beast of fierce power! “Berserker MAX” based on the shape and size of the “Berserker” generations, it is lined with a newly designed stainless steel outer ring, containing the soul of “Berserker SS”, which combines the details of the new generation, with a 7075 body, through the toughness of the material and the precise machining, the inner ring and the center weight is extremely thin and lightweight, with an 8 mm axle installed to match the power of the stainless steel outer ring, leading to the ultimate weight distribution.

When you hold the “Berserker MAX”, you will feel the power, stability, the versatility and the speed that has been cultivated over many generations, with new, improved performance that plays powerful, but remains soft on the hand!


  • Weight: 66.3 grams
  • Diameter: 55.9 mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Response: C3 JP Pad
  • Bearing: Concave Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187"


    ***For Intermediate/Advanced players, this is a "unresponsive" yo-yo, you must be able to perform a "bind return" in order to make this yoyo return to your hand.
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