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Kitty YoYo String - Nylon

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Kitty String Nylon yoyo strings for advanced players. About the same thickness as "Normal" Kitty string, Kitty Nylon string is slicker than polyester and even smoother for tough tricks that utilize layered mounts, causing less spin loss. This string opens nicely for suicide catches and other slack-type tricks. Kitty Nylon is softer than most nylon string, but nylon yoyo string will likely be rougher on your hands and skin than polyester. See caution note about melting below.

Pre-tied yoyo strings, each approximately 43-45 inches in length. Individual strings are knotted on the end, you will need to tie a simple loop for finger attachment and adjust the length. Stretch your Kitty String before using it, this helps reduce the elasticity and twist while playing.

*** Caution: Nylon string is more susceptible to melting than cotton or polyester string, so avoid using this string with fixed axle yoyos, or yoyos that use a starburst response system. Friction causes melting so use with extreme care.

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