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Kitty YoYo String - Tall Normal


Kitty String is high quality yoyo string, quite durable and great for all-around play as well as whip, suicide, and slack tricks. Kitty "Normal" is single color string, soft and with normal thickness - made from 100% polyester fiber.

Pre-tied yoyo strings, each approximately 43-45 inches in length. Individual strings are knotted on the end, you will need to tie a simple loop for finger attachment and adjust the length. Stretch your Kitty String before using it, this helps reduce the elasticity and twist while playing.

Your individual preferences may vary, but as a general guideline polyester yoyo strings are excellent for high-performance ball-bearing yoyos. Soft to the touch, 100% Polyester strings gives smooth spinning performance for intermediate/advanced players when using non-responsive yoyos.


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