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KROM 9Y BDAY Kendama

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The KROM Nine Year Anniversary Kendama (aka: 9Y BDAY Kendama).

Product Features:

  • New KROM AK shape ken

  • Full hardwood construction: Maple, Birch & Zebrano
  • 25+ laminations throughout the kendama
  • LOL clear coat finish on the tama
  • Base Cup Warp Hole (Bevel)

  • Metal Bearing/Spinner Bead
  • Gold string and KROM mini bearing (spinner bead)

Note: Birch wood is a soft wood type compared to other hardwoods, when missing spikes with a dense zebrano spike the scope of the tama will show it. This is intentionally chosen to quickly break in your tama for stall tricks. Chipping around the bevel may occur.


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