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Luzumaki Night Boost Kendama, Red - Sweets


Luzumaki Night Boost Kendama - Red/Black

Product Features:

  • BOOST Ken

    • Maple wood
    • Red Painted Balance bevel in base cup
    • Custom engravings
  • 62mm Tama
    • Maple with Cherry stripe
    • Sticky Clear or Ratio Clear tama finish
    • Luzumaki spirals
    • Red fade around tama bevel
    • Red tracking dot on string hole
    • Special Luzumaki product packaging
    • Metal Spinner Bead
    • Extra string
    • Holographic stickers


    *** The "Unsealed Package" version of the Sticky Luzumaki Night Boost are due to an error in shipping by the manufacturer. The kendamas that were supposed to be Ratio Clear tama finish Luzumaki had to be unsealed and opened to inspect and confirm. All good. All new. All were Sticky



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