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Tropic Alien YoYo - Recess


Tropic Alien YoYo, by Recess

"Tropic Alien is the pro model for 2x Malaysian National Champion Zafran Aqil. 
Using modern weight distribution and classic competition design elements, Tropic Alien is sure to be a favorite for competitors this season. 

Zafran worked with his friend back home Diane Tahir developing the artwork - an alien named Mamood. Mamood is wearing a sarung and Asian farming hat - signifying Zaf’s desire to bring his culture wherever his passion takes him."



  • Weight: 66.5 grams
  • Diameter: 56.3 mm
  • Width: 45.6 mm
  • Response: 19mm O.D. Slim pad
  • Bearing: Large (Size C) .250 x .500 x .187" Center Track

  • Recess Tropic Alien yoyo artwork   Recess Tropic Alien yoyo text logo/art 
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