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Skidum Wind Up Toy

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Skidum, Skidum, Skidum; this little guy has rhythm in its booties!

Skidum is the reincarnation of a certain 'found object from space', transformed into a multi legged critter. Despite the evolution, the revolution of the gearbox remains the same; spinning, tumbling, skidding, and pirouetting itself dizzy, in performances that never seem to repeat the same movement. To set Skidum in motion, crank the mid size legs clockwise all the way, and set it down on a table, or on the floor with no carpet. Since its plastic parts glow-in-the-dark, Skidum looks very cool in total darkness as well.

L 3.5" x W 4.0" x H 3.0"

Video of Skidum in action:

Booty and key colors are assorted, colors picked based on availablity.
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