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Boo Johnson V.2 Signature Model Kendama - Sweets


Boo Johnson V.2 BOOST Signature Model Kendama by Sweets

Product Description by Sweets:

"Kendama Connects Worlds.

Boo Johnson is a professional skateboarder for DGK, Grizzly Grip Tape, Diamond Supply Co, Ethika, Remind Insoles, Bones Wheels, Thrasher Mag, Weedmaps, and Raw Papers. On top of that he owns Pharmacy skate shop in Long Beach, California and runs his own clothing brand Just Have Fun.

Reed Stark knew Boo in the past and showed him kendama at Coachella 2017, but not everyone falls in love with the toy immediately. At the 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, Reed taught him how to do an earthturn and it was over. The sheer joy that Boo had in that moment proved to Reed and everyone else at Sweets that he would be a great candidate for a signature kendama.

"Boo is a pro at life and it shows. The amount of positivity and motivation he brings to the world is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met. Constantly thinking about the well being of others can be overwhelming, but not for Boo. He’s a beaming light people strive to be and the man earned it all by himself." -Reed Stark

We are stoked to get a second Boo J signature mod out! The #SweetsMob is growing

The Boo J Mod
Inspired by the streets, the Boo J mod is back this time with a yellow and black splatter. This is an excellent evolution in the Boo J series and will look perfect on the shelf next to his original mod and the Simple Sessions edition."

Product Features:

  • Beech Splatter Grip Ken

    • BOOST Shape
    • Splatter Grip reverse engravings on entire ken
      • The opposite of normal engraving, the focal points are left untouched by the laser
      • Offers great grip for stall points
      • Unique feel in your hand
    • C. Boo Johnson Signature engraving on spike
    • Just Have Fun engraving on the Small Bird Stall
    • Cups are left without the Splatter Grip engraving
    • Unique QR Code in small cup
    • Reflective Balance Bevel
    • JHF seal
  • Oversized Maple Tama
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear tama finish
    • Yellow splatter on black base
    • Street inspired tracking line
    • Bottom 30% white for tracking
  • Metal Spinner Bead, Extra String and Boo J Mod Stickers
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