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Sweets Boogie Trio Special Edition Kendama

Tama Finish: Sticky Clear

Boogie Special Edition - Riddim & Blues Tour 2020, BOOST Kendama


Description by Sweets:

"Boogie T has already spread kendama to so many new people, Sweets was stoked to help him spread it more by creating this limited edition Riddim & Blues Tour kendama. Originally designed to be offered with the VIP packages of the tour, this awesome dama is now available to everyone!"


Product Features:

  • Beech BOOST shape ken

    • Balance Bevel in Base
  • Beech BOOST Tama

    • Sticky Clear
    • Yellow - Pink - Purple fade
    • Yellow equator stripe for tracking
  • Custom Purple SixFinger string

  • Extra string, Riddim & Blues sticker pack & instructions

The BOOST shape is the best playing kendama Sweets has ever released, with its larger cups more defined stalls and Balance Bevel it is made to slap tricks. The BOOST is designed to make learning tricks easier for beginners and lacing bangers better for pros.


Kendama are recommended for age 9+

*** Choking Hazard. This toy has small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years.

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