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NATTY BOOST Kendama - Sweets

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NATTY BOOST - Beech Kendama

Product Description by manufacturer:

"We are taking it back to the basics with this one. All wood, all natural, all honed.

A lot of us started out our kendama journey on Natty damas; but it has been a long time since we’ve sold an affordable one that plays amazingly.
That changes now. The Natty BOOST is our awesome BOOST kendama without any paint, tracking, or clear coat.

Playing a fresh Natty kendama adds an extra challenge to the game. Most Natty tamas start out pretty slick since there is no clear coat to add grip. As you play it and break it in the denting from play mixed with your natural hand oils will help the grain pop and add more grip. The BOOST shape still slaps out of the box, but a Natty kendama takes a bit of work to unlock its full potential!

Natty kendamas also make an excellent base for your creative expression. Use it for wood burning, painting, or whatever else you can think of!"


Product Features:

  • Beech BOOST Shape Ken

    • Sweets Logo engraving 
    • Balance bevel in Base Cup
  • Beech BOOST tama
    • Natural wood (no finish)
  • Metal Spinner Bead and SixFinger string
  • Extra string
  • BOOST sticker pack and instructions 
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