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Dirt Monkey x Sweets Kendama (Bamboo) - Sweets

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Dirt Monkey x Sweets - Bamboo Kendama

Product Description by manufacturer:

"We are proud to announce our newest collab with music artist Dirt Monkey! Dirt Monkey is a DJ who performs at festivals all around the world and just so happens to jam kendama! We worked together to create this beautiful kendama which is now available to all of you!"

Product Features:

  • BOOST Shape Ken

    • Laminated Bamboo
    • Balance bevel in base
    • Unique engravings on ken
    • BananaDama on the Big Cup
    • Dirt Monkey logo opposite Sweets logo on the base
  • BOOST tama
    • Laminated Bamboo
    • Sticky Clear tama finish
    • Epic wavy monkey design on top 50%
    • Exposed wood lower 30%
    • White & black bullseye tracking around bevel
  • Metal Spinner Bead and SixFinger string
  • Extra SixFinger string
  • Dirt Monkey stickers 
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