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Sweets Lab, V26 Community Design Kendama - Fresh 90's


Fresh 90's V26 Community Design Kendama, by Sweets 


Product description by manufacturer Sweets Kendamas:

"Welcome to the Sweets Lab! We are constantly looking to push kendama forward in terms of play and style. The Sweets Lab series do just that. Maple BOOST kens, Cushion Clear & amazing designs make these some of the best limited edition kendamas available on the market."


Community Design Kendama

"We dug into the entries from our 2018 contest "Design a Prime" and chose some new favorites! Back in 2018 we were hand painting each tama so our capabilities were limited, but now we can pull off almost ANY design. We are excited to bring you the first Community Kendama Series and we will be hosting another contest in the future to give you a chance to design your dream dama!"


FRESH 90's

Designed by: @kreativbuero.merzig


Product Features:

  • Maple V26 Ken

    • BOOST Shape
    • Community Kendama Series logo printed in Big Cup
    • Printed QR Code in Small Cup
    • Artist name engraved on under bird stall
    • Artist Instagram engraved on small cup under bird stall
    • Balance Bevel in Base Cup
  • Boost Cherry Tama
    • Cushion Clear tama finish
    • Top 50% blue with black pattern
    • Yellow & Pink middle stripe
    • Solid pink bottom 50%
  • Pink SixFinger String
  • Metal Spinner Bead, Replacement String and V26 Stickers 
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