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YoYoFactory DV888 YoYo


Solid construction, nice quality metal yoyo with a lustrous anodized finish. The DV888 by YoYoFactory has been one of our most popular yoyos over the past few years because it simply delivers the goods - Responsive Performance at a budget price.

The extremely popular DV888 yo-yo takes affordability one step further with the responsive “Ready-to Play” version for under $30. Same yoyo, same quality construction, great for beginners looking for a fast spinning yoyo with tug-response / back-to-the-hand performance straight out of the box. The Responsive Version of the DV888 has an installed narrow bearing and thicker response pads to give it more friction when you tug your finger.

A very capable, friendly yoyo - and can be easily upgraded to regular depth pads and a wide bearing by adding the YoYoFactory Modern Performance Upgrade Kit when you are ready for full non-responsive advanced play.

    • Weight: 66.9 g
    • Diameter: 50 mm
    • Width: 40.5 mm
    • Response System: CBC Large size, Slim Pad (Thick responsive version
    • Bearing: Responsive version - Large size, Narrow bearing

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