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YoYoFactory Loop 900 YoYo

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This changes everything. After years of development the Loop 900 is finally here, featuring the perfect balance of response, sleep time, and 100% adjustability. Each Loop 900 comes with a key that allows the user to adjust the string gap of the yo-yo to micrometer accuracy. Out of the box, the Loop 900 can be a world-level competition yo-yo, or the best beginner looping yo-yo on the market; all with the turn of a key.

The Loop900 changes the way all modern yo-yo players will approach the looping style. No more complicated modifications to your yo-yos, no more intense maintenance schedule, all the Loop900 needs is a little bit of lubrication, a string, and the YYF adjustable key does the rest. The ‘secret’ behind all good looping yo-yos is in the string gap. Too small of a string gap and your yo-yos wont spin long enough and they will loop too low and fast. Too wide of a string gap and the response system will not work to its full potential, resulting in slippy looping yo-yos. With the Loop900 adjustable key mechanism, you get to decide the string gap with ultimate precision. No matter what string type/length you use, no matter what type of lubrication, no matter what you do to your Loop900’s, you get to choose the string gap that works best for you!

The Loop 900 ships with a non-lubricated (dry) bearing. The manufacturer recommends lubricating this bearing for long term care and maintenance. Bearings need lubrication for long life and to avoid corrosion. Your preference may vary, but we recommend YoYoFactory Performance Oil - Looping.

***Additional Note:
For casual users and new players who don’t want to mess with oil and stuff (yet) - As an added service and at no additional cost, YoYoLoco will lubricate the bearing on your new Loop 900 prior to shipping. Just let us know by adding the note “Please Lube the Loop” in the comment section when placing your order online - Whereupon we will expertly lubricate using "Looping" Oil, then gently pack and send your happy new yoyo to your happy, eager hands.



    • Weight: 51.6 grams
    • Diameter: 58 mm
    • Width: 34 mm
    • Gap Width: Adjustable
    • Bearing: 4mm x 8mm x 3mm
    • Response: Starburst
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