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YoYoFactory Legend YoYo

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The Legend by YoYoFactory is a classic, old fashioned and well constructed wood yoyo. True to the original "one-piece" construction of the Flores and early Duncan yoyos, the Legend is cut and shaped from a single piece of wood (not 2 yoyo halves connected by a dowel). 

Painted wood with an embossed foil sticker. Play is responsive, monitor your string twist/tension, and Yo-Yo like a Legend!

Ships with one cotton string, and we recommend Cotton yoyo strings for general use, although your preference may vary.

*** Please do not attempt to take this yoyo apart - this yoyo DOES NOT unscrew! Use a toothpick or similar to untie knots in your string. 

Additional Note: Change your strings using the old-fashioned method. To remove a yoyo string, hold string approx. 2-3 inches above the yoyo, use your other hand to spin the yoyo - untwisting this short portion of string (spin counter to the twist of the string, usually counterclockwise when you are looking down the string at the top of the yoyo hanging at the end of the string). Slip untwisted string end over the yoyo to remove. Reverse process to attach a new string to yoyo.



• Diameter: 58 mm
• Width: 31.5 mm
• Weight: 46 grams
• Gap Width: 2.3 mm
• Response: Wood center core (axle), narrow gap.


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