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YoYoFactory/CBC Response Pads - Pair


YoYoFactory/CBC Response Pads - Self adhesive pads to fit your YoYoFactory yoyos, and yoyos from many other manufacturers. Sold in pairs, there are 2 pads in each package.

Please choose the size you need carefully, or ask specific questions if you need clarification prior to ordering. See the specifications of each yoyo for correct size and type of pad.

  • CBC-Pad (YYF Large Bearing - Slim Pad) - 19mm O.D. Fits 888x, and others with Large Bearing/Slim Pad
  • CBC-Pad (YYF Large Bearing - Broad) - 21mm O.D. - fits the plastic Grind Machine, and others
  • CBC Green Pad, Extra Thick - 19mm O.D. Replacement pad for responsive DV888, ONE and others
  • CBC-Pad (YYF Small Bearing) - for small bearing (Size A) versions of YYF yoyos
  • Flea Pads - Fits YoYoFactory Mighty Flea and Big Deal

*** Note *** Contact us prior to ordering if you have questions about which pads will fit your yoyo. There can be many variations of the same yoyo as far as bearing size and pad size. If you are unsure, please ask questions or measure, twice.
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