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YoYo MultiTool

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This is a very handy and easy to use yoyo accessory, possibly the most convenient item that any and all yo-yo players will carry on them. The YoYoFactory Multi Tool is a small key-chain sized tool that offers the benefits of 3 much larger accessories. 

• One side of the Multi Tool offers a high strength bearing removal tool, intended to remove even the toughest large bearings from your yo-yos. 

• On the opposite side of the Multi Tool is a string cutter, which enables you to adjust your string length with ease. 

• Last but not least, protruding from the bottom of the Multi Tool is the same hex key that adjusts the Loop900 mechanism. A little known fact is that the Loop900 hex key can also be used to remove the axle from most YoYoFactory metal yo-yos!
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