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PoryKon V YoYo Counterweight

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PoryKon V YoYo Counterweight for 5A yoyo play.

Product description by the PoryKon Design Team:

Porykon V - Our first model released in 2020, also our fifth ( Roman Numerals V ) model.
We were mainly focusing on professional 5A player before. After receiving comments from
many 5A players, we started to design a new counter-weight and went through our long
testing, our new model finally born out.

Porykon V is a new design combined Porykon and Fu-Ring's elements:

1. Made from POM, high-strength materials of counterweight
2. Inherits Fu-Ring's unique design - B-Lock System
3. Inherits Fu-Ring's size, brings stable and speed feeling
4. Suitable for All-Levels 5A player
5. A popular price

No matter if for practice or competition, PoryKon V will satisfy your needs easily.




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