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KonKave Bearing

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The smooth and self-centering KonKave Bearing manufactured by Dif-e-Yo. The concave outer circumference helps keep your string away from yoyo inner sidewalls to decrease friction. KonKave bearings are also relatively quiet. 

Two versions: 
• Standard (original) Stainless Steel
• Ceramic for those wanting that extra little "edge" in performance. 
Either way, a sweet little upgrade for your yoyo.

Choose from popular sizes to fit your yoyo:
• Dif-e-Yo/YoYoJam Size: .25 x .5 x .188" (also known as Large "Size C")
• Duncan Size: 5x10x4 mm (also known as Small "Size A")
• Hspin Size: 5x11x5 mm
As always, please ask questions and confirm proper bearing for your yoyo if you are unsure about which size is correct.

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